Keep The Change Ya Filthy Animal Doormat

Keep The Change Ya Filthy Animal Doormat

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This is a great addition to your home entrance, these make great gifts as well.

Door mat is a Coir.

Coir Mats are eco friendly door mats as they are made from natural coir fibers which are extracted from the outer shell of coconut and is known for its durability, strength and water absorption.

****PLEASE NOTE*****

- Keep your mat in a location that is out of direct sun, rain or snow
- We recommend a covered area at your home or indoors
- Shake mat often to avoid dirt/fiber build up
- Fiber color and design may show minor variations over time


- More walking with shoes and exposure = mat to fade faster
- Rough expectancy is 4 to 6 months (depending on wear and tear)
- These aren’t meant to be used as "everyday door mats" with feet being rubbed as it will break the paint down
- Any door mat will eventually fade with use